Best Engine Decarbonization/Engine Carbon Cleaning Service in Srinagar, Kashmir | Affordable Car Detox Service in J&K

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Instant Results, Feel Difference in 40 Minutes
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Carbon Clean Your Vehicle For Optimum Performance
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Key Benefits


Increase Mileage

Our customers report increase in mileage from 15-30%

Increase Pickup

Our customers report increase in mileage from 15-30%

Decrease Black smoke/Pollution Levels

Visible difference in blacksmoke upto 90%


Increase Engine Life

Eliminating Carbon buildup ensure cooler engine and less wear and tear

Reduce Engine Noise, Vibrations

Eliminate engine noise by upto 30%

Cleaner Greener Engine

Decarbonized engine produces less pollutants and improves engine health

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  • Oxyhydrogen gas or HHO is produced by our Dry Cell Award Winning Technology Detox machine, which is then introduced into the air intake of your car engine.
  • Vehicle is kept in idling mode for about 30 minutes.
  • The gas gets combusted with fuel and air mixture; this reaction changes carbon deposits and burns them off into small particles thus carbon returns to its original gaseous state, which is then expelled through the exhaust system.

Detox starts at just 1490/-

Decarbonize TODAY and get additional

Bonus Services worth over 2000/- absolutely FREE

Customer Testimonials


Got rid of the black smoke by upto 75%. Knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.


I got my 2008 model and 100000+ km car de carbonised here and the results were outstanding. I felt gradual improvement in pick up and mileage. The engine sound has decreased to the extent that if I keep the engine start with no acceleration, I can’t judge whether the engine is on or off.


I would like to share my personal Experience. I had completed 104000km on my Ford figo diesel and got it Decarbonised at the Detox lab amazing results great pickup, smooth and increased mileage. Superb expezrience with the Detox lab . Highly recommended..

Frequenty Asked Questions

Carbon buildup is a natural state in every petrol and diesel vehicle, a layer over layer of carbon soot is formed over engine head, pistons, walls as a result of air and fuel combustion in the combustion chamber, over the years, especially in the modern day stop-and-go traffic conditions, poor fuel quality and driving at slow speeds to save fuel. Not even race cars or Rolls Royce etc can burn fuel completely. So this un-burnt fuel becomes carbon formation inside the engine compartment. This carbon buildup especially reduces the compression ratio of pistons which decreases power, fuel economy, engine life and increases pollution, engine noise.

We use Hydro-oxy gas generated from best and latest Dry-Cell based decarbonizing machine, which has 5 domestic and 1 international awards in its credit. This HHO gas is fed in the air inlet of your vehicle. For the next 30-40 minutes the machine is producing the gas and your vehicle sucks in from the idle engine running. The Hydro-oxy gas enters combustion chamber and burns off the accumulated carbon deposits from the all the engine components upon combustion with air and fuel.

It gets confirmed simply when you feel the results, and on top of that you can order an Pollution test and see the before/after difference in CO levels. Also, Here is the thing, Hydro-oxy carbon cleaning does not mean that if you dismantle engine all the components will be super-shiny clean as brand new from the first service session only. But the carbon deposits will be significantly burned off in the first session, to the extent that you will notice improvement in drivability right away. if you adhere to recommended service intervals the car engine can be restored almost to the original brand new state. As your vehicle gets older this means less need of engine repairs and overhaul hence saves you a lot of money and problems associated with dismantling of engine down the line, as once the engine is dismantled it is difficult to get it back in factory settings each nut and bolt at specific company torques is not possible even at company workshop. Also time, costing and risk involved in dismantling of engine is very high.

Ideally first 10000-20000km on new car very little to no carbon build-up has occurred in vehicle. Although we have done several vehicles done about 20000km only, there is no harm in it but we recommend if your diesel car has been driven over 30000kms or petrol over 40000kms, you should get detox treatment done. After first service, results remain and there is no need for detox for next 10000-150000km. Slowly after 15000km the carbon starts to buildup again and this is when you should go for next service. A clean engine is always important than any other car service.

Hydro-oxy is the latest methodology of decarbonizing an engine, but it is not new. This method has been employed in many countries a decade back. It is the tested, safest, quickest and cheapest method to decarbonize the engine.

Majority of our customers report following results: More smoothness and power in acceleration, Less engine noise, More mileage and massive difference in black smoke. Individual results vary, the extent to which the carbon has impacted the vehicle (this has nothing to do with km’s vehicle driven). We also provide a warranty of 10000km on the results, that means you will get results and whatever results your vehicle gets will remain for a long term.

We are aware of the competition not only in the state but PAN India. Our aim is to provide the cheapest but quality detox service to our clients. A properly Dry Cell decarbonized engine on average saves 3x on wear/tear repair costs in future. Avoid opting for cheap Wet-Cell based Decarbonization, It may cause vehicle damage. We live by our customer satisfaction.

No, not at all. Our process does not effect the quality or quantity of Engine oil at all. As a good practice we encourage our customers to use only approved Grade of engine oil for your vehicle and follow manufacturer instructions.

We are an exclusive branded car detox centre, hence we don’t provide any servicing and repair service. We prefer customers to feel the difference of their vehicles just by our process alone. If we were to change everything such as engine oil, spark plugs, air filters then which item really works, you won’t be able to accurately pin point. We however do retail some high quality products that our customers have demanded time and again. Details of these are in this brochure only.

In India unfortunately there aren’t any service centre that has proper equipment to do
this service. None of the Mechanics are even qualified or properly trained.
Even if big automotive companies think about introducing it, as it is a very cheap
procedure, they will lose business on so many other things hence reducing the profit. Big
companies and car makers also take a long time to implement new changes across the
spectrum. But none of the car makers in world officially disapproved the use of hydro-oxy
carbon cleaning and hence no warranty is voided

Definitely not! We don’t open any part of your vehicle. Also the gas is safest, tested which
only combusts when it is within safe concentration levels, This product and technology is
also well tested and proved worldwide. The machine we use, decarbonizes over 11000
vehicles each month in India only without any complaint. In a few other countries we
decarbonize super cars with the same machine we have here at our Store in Srinagar.

Warranty is on RESULT DURATION. Whatever results you will feel, It will remain for at least
10000km. Warranty does not cover anything else AT ALL. Individual results vary. Some
results you will feel instantly. Bill is required to claim warranty, Please keep it safe.

Yes and no. Certain level of Black smoke in diesel cars is normal. If it is extensive it may
be because of 4 reasons. 1. Faulty or clogged injectors 2. Faulty or dead Turbo. 3. Carbon
buildup. 4. Dirty MAF sensor.
If the black smoke is due to reason 3 or 4 or slight clogged injectors, the problem will be
resolved. For your reference about 75% of our customers are happy with black smoke
issue resolution. Rest would have had either a faulty Turbo or Badly clogged/dead

No, it is currently not possible, however you can request for PICK and DROP Facility

What type of vehicles do you treat?ce we don’t open any part of your car, it does not void any warranty. None of
the manufacturers have disapproved use of hydro-oxy cleaning.

All types of vehicles which produce power using combustion as a source. This includes
all present day diesel, petrol vehicles from 2 wheeler and above

Yes, as per our survey out of first 200 customers that we served, 173 were satisfied with
our service, that is about 86.5% customer satisfaction rate. Our target is to reach 95%
satisfaction rate for the next 200 customers.
P.S Life hack: if a business tells you they have 99.9% or 100% satisfaction rate. It’s a lie.
It is never possible especially in the service industry.

Please Call/WhatsApp 7777927006. We will be more than happy to take your query and
help you

About Us

We provide Engine Carbon Cleaning Service/Engine Decarbonization service in Srinagar, Kashmir that is affordable, reliable and dry cell based. Our machine has more than 5 awards to its credit for quality and reliability. The machine we use decarbonizes more than 11000 vehicles each month PAN india and have the same machine setup in UAE where luxurious cars get serviced. The machine is GE certified, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, GMP certified based on the latest dry cell technology.